Time To Step Out A Bit? Take Mom in Person to this Idyllic Spot


Hey Gang, Now that the ‘pols’ are loosening a bit with this SIP stuff (sheltering in place), why not have a REAL Mothers Day in person! It’s even legal now to go to most local parks. Besides, you can social distance, as they like to say (I like to say ‘social instance,‘ in some of the great parklands such as those in the Eastbay Park system (EBParks.org) – Did you know it has more square footage of park than any other in the U.S.? It’s hard NOT to social distance at a park like Briones’ Hampton Staging where you’re likely not to see another person! Call it social instancing if you want – at least it sounds better than the other term even if not yet fully defined. Some parks, like Briones, are less crowded than others- and most are now open for business (even if the parking lots are closed, for some reason – people just park outside the gates). You will see so few people at Briones you can’t help but social distance. HERE’S A HANDY MAP – – Briones is conveniently located in Contra Costa County, bordering Orinda, El Sobrante, Lafayette and Martinez – only minutes from anywhere in the Eastbay and with traffic the way it is less than an hour from anywhere in the entire Bay Area. By the way, we also are offering a colorful designer face mask courtesy of our pet cat, Zack, THE CORONA KING,now a felebrity in his own right-be sure to watch his video below ) for you and mom, below. You can spend weeks exploring the vast Briones but we’ve picked out a couple under-the-radar spots for you to start with, at BayAreaBackroads.org (first two listings). Lots of other Bay Area Backroads, too. Coming soon! Best One Mile (River) WalkNic (walk and picnic) around (Napa)! – Later alligator/saver, –JB

I may be The Coupon King but now we’ve got another King & movie star …Zackie the Corona King. Check out his debut video , below… Happy Mom’s Day to all you mothers… Now more than ever we need to save and the Coupon King is here to help along with lazy ‘supervisor’ the Corona King’ -JB

JACK SAVES ON MOTHER’S DAY – JOIN HIM with these great offers, below!

JB’s ‘A’ List


ISSUE 2021

San Francisco’s Own ‘Say Hey’ Kid Turns 90 – Oldest Living Hall of Famer!

VIDEO DEBUT: Jackie The Corona King

‘Hey, Gang -As promised, we’re debuting ZACK the CORONA KING song TODAY! So the Corona thing keeps going but we’re having fun along the way. Our good ol’ 24 pounder (he really did lose another pound-one a year), Zack the Cat, is the hit of day! . Enjoy!’ -JB ,

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answer to trivia question:
In on Covid 19 Kabab Burger – Hanging in there

Once again l would like to thanks our patrons for their support that has allowed us to stay open so far, it’s greatly appreciated. This is a great community and l feel we are indebted to you. Thank you very much everyone of you.

Now l would like to play a little trivia with you all and see if you can recognize the gentleman in the photos attached, he has been coming to Kabab Burger regularly for the last few months. He is a really nice guy. Anyone? (Hint: we have a famous sports figure living in the area)

Eduardo Masias (Next Door) Downtown Lafayette Back again for answer to above


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(National Day of Prayer)

Been years since I saw a caterpillar. Always liked them as a kid and their scarcity probably made them more special. When’s the last time you saw one? Seem to be more scarce than ever, as butterflies are becoming. Walking the Lafayette Moraga trail this little guy landed on me but I didn’t notice him on my pants leg until I sat down on a bench. He stayed with me a long time until I gently put him on the ground. I looked away for a moment and he was gone . Special moment. Special day on this National Day of Prayer, no less, May 6. Now a lasting memory chronicled in my diary. Had a special moment lately? Share it with us and we’ll share it here. -JB

Thanks for hanging in there during these difficult times… Hopefully, we have helped to lighten your day and ‘heavy’ your pocketbook a bit. – JB, your penny-pinching host. (I’m still trying to use up my old 39c stamps. Every now and again they go through. )


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